48 minutes | Aug 22nd 2015

MediStrategy with Kip Piper Ep 5 - Murray Aitken, Healthcare Big Data

Big Data and Analytics in Healthcare: Interview with Murray Aitken, Executive Director, IMS Institute for Healthcare Informatics and SVP, IMS HealthMurray Aitken, one of the world’s top experts on health informatics, discusses the impact of big data on healthcare and the strategic implications for health insurers, hospitals, physicians, consumers, life sciences firms, and government health programs.  In this fascinating interview with Kip Piper, Mr. Aitken explains how and why health information and analytics are driving rapid change in the organization, reimbursement, and delivery of healthcare and in medical innovation.Murray Aitken, MBA, is senior vice president of IMS Health and executive director of the IMS Institute for Healthcare Informatics.  Using IMS Health’s extraordinary wealth of data and analytical tools, the Institute provides insights and information to help decision makers improve the quality and cost-effectiveness of healthcare.  Their fascinating, information rich reports are available at www.imshealth.com/institute.MediStrategy is hosted by Kip Piper, a national expert on Medicare, Medicaid, and health reform.  A prominent consultant, speaker, and author, Kip Piper is on the web at www.KipPiper.com. 
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