98 minutes | Oct 4, 2020

007 Coffee, Matcha & Chocolate: Abusive Relationship

Caffeine has been around since ancient times, through a variety of plant sources, but there’s a bigger story to how it’s used now. The addiction that we have with caffeine is not just ceremonial anymore, like it was for hundreds of years, all around the world. Nowadays, we use it as a crutch to get by, because people don’t feel well, and are struggling from focus and concentration issues, brain fog, fatigue, energy issues, forgetfulness, grogginess, and physical discomfort. We use it now to mask our everyday symptoms. Sure, people who feel good still consume caffeine, but more people who don’t feel good, are consuming it to survive and get through their day. In this episode, I reveal why we are addicted to caffeine, and how caffeine can mask health symptoms until they potentially get worse. Find out why more and more women are experiencing hair thinning and hair loss at a young age. How caffeine can affect the body and lead to nutrient deficiencies, weight gain, loss of libido, and more. Is caffeine slowing or accelerating aging? I reveal how caffeine can affect the aging process. I uncover the truth about coffee enemas, and how they can affect the body. How caffeine consumption can affect spiritual experiences. Why is caffeine hard to let go? Find out more about how the body reacts during caffeine withdrawal, and what wild foods, leafy greens, fruits, herbs, and supplements are best to assist the body and ease withdrawal symptoms. Listen to learn more about caffeine use, withdrawal, and how to restore your health, and replace coffee, matcha tea, and chocolate with healing foods and supplements.
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