16 minutes | Jan 4, 2016

When your spokesperson screws up — MSM #028

Media interviews can lead to great things – except for when they don’t. Even a well-prepared spokesperson can have an off-day or be caught off-guard by a couple questions, perhaps causing them to panic and clam up live on camera. Or maybe he gave answers that he thought were 40 seconds each, when in fact they were four minutes long and waaay off-message. In this week’s episode, we answer a question posed online: "How do you effectively talk to your spokesperson after they have screwed up in a media interview?" This can be a delicate process, especially if that spokesperson happens to be your boss. As sticking your head in the sand and completely dodging future interviews is not an option, we discuss a three-step approach for you to consider in this episode: Start with the positive. Share your constructive criticism. Offer to help him or her improve. Click the ‘Play’ button below to hear more in this episode of MediaSmart!
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