110 minutes | May 15, 2021

Gaza Under Attack Again, Operation Prison Wall Guardian & Alt-Media Zionism

Robbie and Abby Martin recorded an entire episode on Friday May 14th about the ongoing Israeli Defense Force massacre (which they call 'Operation Wall Guardian') on the Palestinian people in Gaza. So far over 126 Palestinians have been killed via bombings or by live ammunition including 31 children and the IDF has claimed that only 15 of the casualties are members of Hamas. At the end of the episode Robbie breaks down all the zionist connects to 'anti establishment' media like The Blaze TV (Glenn Beck), Breitbart (Steve Bannon), The Hill Rising (Saagar Enjeti) and the so-called 'Intellectual Dark Web' (Eric Weinstein & Bari Weiss) Gaza Fights for Freedom free stream: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HnZSaKYmP2s Intro/Outro song: Fluorescent Grey - Lieutenant Humane Egg Lag FOLLOW // twitter.com/AbbyMartin // twitter.com/FluorescentGrey Thanks for listening! If you enjoyed this podcast, please consider donating to Media Roots Radio on Patreon // www.patreon.com/mediarootsradio
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