101 minutes | Aug 8th 2016

It's Bi Noon (Episode 10)

We're finally cashing in on the Overwatch hype, sit down with us as we tackle what it is and why we love it with Sabriel.

What we've been up to (02:23:00)

Sabriel (@Sabriality or sabriel.me )

  • Overwatch
  • Kerbal Space
  • A Very Secret Service
  • Archer
  • Star Trek TNG

Riley (@Kaleri_)

  • Overwatch
  • Pokemon GO
  • Pokemon
  • Stranger Things
  • Star Trek Beyond

Pam (@Jasyla_)

  • PS2 Games
  • Hero Defense: Haunted Island
  • No Man's Sky
  • Masterchef Australia
  • Stranger Things
  • Jane the Virgin
  • The Jinx

Overwatch and Listener Questions (00:24:36)

  • What is Overwatch?
  • PC v PS4?
  • Who's your favourite character and why? Which character just doesn't click with you at all? @grnmushroom
  • The Importance of Ana by @appleciderwitch
  • The online experience
  • Player feedback at the end of the match; medals, stats, Play of the Game, voting for MVP?
  • How do you actually learn to play the game?
  • (00:58:23) What would you like to see as a future brawl? @_rades
  • (01:02:30) Quien es Sombra? @OrkChop
  • Lore? Where is the lore?
  • (01:12:00) Where are the gay characters, Blizz?! How should Blizzard introduce them? @MtoAllPro
  • (01:17:57) Overwatch and its cultural appropriation @MtoAllPro
  • (01:24:00) Can Ana solo heal or is she better alongside a Lucio? @Makofury
  • (01:27:21) Which characters are most likely to listen to your podcast? @walkstweets
  • (01:29:10) How quickly do they have to push updates to keep you in, and how awesome would the Titan MMO have been? @TDwelve
  • (01:33:58) Do you think the hype momentum will last? Is this the next esport? @serrinneWoW

Extra credit reading on Pharah:

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Music: Vivacity by Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com)
Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 License

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