27 minutes | May 5, 2021

Making Music Happen with the Power of Social

This week, the Mavens team sits down to talk with Josh Simons. The Co-founder of Vampr.

 Co-founding the company in 2016, Vampr is a social/professional platform for artists to create, publish, and monetize their projects for all to hear. Acting as a hub for up and coming artists, Simmons is working with YouTube and Soundcloud, while trying to replace the services competitors like CD Baby and Songtradr. “In that respect we are competing with them. We offer distribution, we offer publishing…. the core business is the connecting and collaborating part, that’s always been our baby” Simmons explained.

With the Mavens, Simmons discusses Vampr’s variety of services, the disparity between major labels, the importance of scaling, and finding the right people to work with.

Tune in this week to learn how Vampr is “Making Music Happen with the Power of Social” and how the next generation of music can find their way into the music industry!

You can reach Josh Simmons directly at josh@vampr.me

To reach Sarah Miller, Media Mavens Podcast Host & CEO, Axis Entertainment, you can get more information at www.axis-entertainment.com or reach her at smiller@axis-entertainment.com

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