42 minutes | May 20, 2021

Global Crisis Watch - Behind the Walls:Inside the Middle East Conflict

GLOBAL CRISIS WATCH: Michael Patrick Mulroy, National Security and Defense Analyst for ABC sits down with Media Mavens Host, Sarah Miller and Co-host Joe Pyritz on the monthly GCW segment to discuss the current events unfolding in the Middle East. 

Leaving no stone unturned, Mulroy discusses all things Middle-Eastern warfare, including the root of the current Israeli-Palestinian conflict on both sides, dealing with Hamas and their increasing power and the U.S.’s efforts to help with the conflict. “If you remove six Palestinian families, and it gets replaced by non-Palestinians, that could shift the power dynamics when it comes to the potential future control of Eastern Jerusalem,” Mulroy stated.     

Tune in to GCW’s live segment on what’s going on “Behind the Walls: Inside the Middle East Conflict.”

To reach Michael Mulroy or Sarah Miller, CEO, Axis Entertainment & Host of Media Mavens Podcast and Global Crisis Watch, please contact smiller@axis-entertainment.com.

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