63 minutes | Aug 8th 2018

#65 with Katie Garces: The Dark Moon, Intuitive Eating, and Breaking the Dieting Cycle

Katie Garces is leading others towards “becoming the best versions of themselves, physically, nutritionally, spiritually and emotionally.” In this episode of Meathead Hippie, Em and Katie discuss the powerful depth of following your intuition. For Katie, the moment of awareness came to her when she started to battle with adrenal dysfunction and realized that there really is no “perfect diet” to heal her body. She knew that it would have to take a lot of her own curiosity by experimenting with different foods in order to see which of them would work best for her body. “When we are more in tune with our bodies, we can pause listen to what our bodies are really asking for.” Katie Garces talks about how she had to learn how to slow down and allow herself time and space to heal properly. By creating room to grow, Katie says that this helped her make an “intuitive switch” by quieting her mind, releasing control and letting herself flow to her own body’s rhythm. Content Summary: 14:00 Realizing There is No “Perfect Diet” Katie’s moment of awareness and how she started in her career field Finding that “gentle middle” for yourself by experimenting with intuitive eating 21:30 Dabbling In Intuitive Eating Getting comfortable that there is no framework, no yes/no food lists “When we are more in tune with our bodies, we can pause listen to what our bodies are asking for.” 25:00 Being Okay With Adding Carbs Realizing that some of us actually need more carbs in order to heal adrenal stress and lose stubborn body fat “It’s okay to experiment because your body is a dynamic changing vessel.” 28:00 Learning to Slow Down Dealing with adrenal stress by allowing yourself to recover and slow down Stepping back from the intensity reconciling within ourselves 34:20 Understanding Yourself Enneagrams: Learning how your personality responds to people and situations Reminding yourself that there are people out in the world that will resonate with what you say “If it's put on our hearts, it's our responsibility to do the work.” 40:00 An Intuitive Switch Listening to the little whispers that get louder and louder, following what pulls us “Quiet your mind, listen to what is inside and feel the flow of your intuition.” 47:00 Using Control as a Tool Asking yourself “What do I need to trust and how can I release control?” “The universe wants to give us our desires.” 51:00 Making Friends With Food How to help the relationship between yourself and food “We open up our energy and space when we stop stressing about food.” 54:30 Facing Our Shame and Unpleasant Emotions Instead of immediately numbing out, trying to sit with hard emotions Getting curious, becoming aware of your feelings and gaining self-compassion 59:00 Spirit Animal https://katiegarces.com/ https://www.instagram.com/katiegarces/ Thank you listeners!! Please leave a review if you enjoyed and checkout my links below to get plugged in more to what I'm doing. PRIVATE FACEBOOK GROUP: www.facebook.com/groups/1292792567518714/ Find more on Em here: @emilyschromm www.emilyschromm.com youtube.com/emilyschromm
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