53 minutes | Mar 6th 2018

#46 with Diana Rodgers: Kale vs Cow and The Case For Better Meat

5:00 Diana’s Story: Educating Herself First Certified as both an NTP and Paleo RD, living on a big farm outside of suburbia Boston 13:45 The Connection of Farm Life “People are finally connecting the dots. If we are going to consume high protein diets, it makes sense to know how those animals were raised.” 17:00 Documentary: Kale Vs. Cow Mission: Finding the most optimal diet for human health AND sustainability Reaction to “What The Health” Film 25:00 What Makes a Healthier Animal The proper treatment for farm animals and how to manage them appropriately with grazing techniques 34:00 Understanding The Circle of Life “We as humans, are not in control of nature. We are only a small piece of nature and a piece of the food cycle.” 41:00 Tips When Shopping for Meat Becoming aware of where your food is coming from by getting involved How to know what to look for when shopping for meat in grocery stores 47:15 The Luxury of Worrying About Longevity Learning to not take for granted what is on our plates and the access we have to good quality food 51:21 Spirit Animal Thank you listeners!! Please leave a review if you enjoyed and checkout my links below to get plugged in more to what I'm doing. PRIVATE FACEBOOK GROUP: www.facebook.com/groups/1292792567518714/ Find more on Em here: @emilyschromm www.emilyschromm.com youtube.com/emilyschromm
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