51 minutes | Nov 28th 2017

#32 with Jenny Labaw: Moving Mountains, Epilepsy Awareness, and Having A Damn Good Time

Jenny's website: http://jennylabaw.com/ Jenny's Instagram: www.instagram.com/jenlabaw Born and raised in a small town in the Colorado Rockies, Jenny is an avid outdoors woman. She’s spent most of her life scrambling up and down mountains, fishing in high lakes, and exploring all that nature has to offer. She also just happens to be really fit. She’s competed in sports her entire life and always identified herself as an athlete. Finding her way to CrossFit, in 2011 she was crowned the 6th Fittest Women on the Planet at the CrossFit Games. With a degree in Fitness and Wellness, she has pursued a career as a personal trainer for the last 14 years. She operates her own private training studio in Northern California where she currently lives. She runs her blog at www.jennylabaw.com. She considers herself one of the lucky few that gets to live her passion of helping people everyday. Until just 5 years ago, Jenny lived most of her life with a deep dark secret, ashamed to tell anyone. She has epilepsy. She was lucky to live a very normal life despite this silent condition that could strike at anytime, anywhere. After her success with CrossFit and building a bit of a platform, with the kind push from her boyfriend Marcus, she hesitantly told the world about her condition in a YouTube Video (Jenny LaBaw: Living with Epilepsy). The response was overwhelming and led her just a few months later onto the New Mexico border of Colorado on a 500 mile run across the Rockies to the Wyoming border in an effort to raise awareness for epilepsy in her signature event called Move Mountains. Sharing her story she had hidden for so long has open doors she never imagined as well as provided hope and inspiration to so many people around the globe. Now that she is done competing and done running crazy distances (for now), Jenny is putting her energy into all women’s retreats guided by Mother Nature. With her creation of The WILD Women (Women Interpreting Life Differently), Jenny hopes to connect like-minded women from all over the world to empower, embrace and support each other. Her retreats include getting women into nature: camping, hiking, fishing, biking, skiing, rafting, etc. with the intention of self-growth through challenging their minds, bodies and spirits. Oh and laughing their faces off! Jenny lives life to the fullest. She tries not to take any day for granted. She loves as much as she can. She laughs as much as she can. Her goal is to inspire everyone to do the same. Thank you listeners!! Please leave a review if you enjoyed and checkout my links below to get plugged in more to what I'm doing. PRIVATE FACEBOOK GROUP: www.facebook.com/groups/1292792567518714/ Find more on Em here: @emilyschromm www.emilyschromm.com youtube.com/emilyschromm
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