42 minutes | Jun 5, 2019

Episode 220: X-Men: Dark Phoenix

With the latest iteration of the X-men franchise winding down after Disney’s acquisition of 20th Century Fox, Iain and Gavin join Marvel’s merry mutants one last time for their review of X-men Dark Phoenix? After the risible X3:The Last Stand have they finally done Chris Claremont’s classic tale justice? Find out in the show whr we also tyalk about Gavin;s adventures in New York and what else we’ve been up to. No spoilers until after minute 26. As usual let us know what you thought of the movie and our review by emailing us at podcast@mcyapandfries.com,  find us on twitter @mcyapandfries (as well as individually at  @gavyap, & @mcnastyprime) & follow us on Instagram  @mcyapandfries! (and at @gavyap77 & @McNastyPrime) If you want to help support our show click on the banner below to head over to our sponsors Greenroom136.com, where we will get a  percentage of any purchases you make there, helping us to pay for the podcast costs! The post Episode 220: X-Men: Dark Phoenix appeared first on McYapandFries.com.
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