43 minutes | Jun 14, 2018

Episode 210: Deadpool 2

Deadpool’s back and he’s not coming alone in Deadpool 2… so is Gavin… I mean he’s back from the US… he’s with Iain… anyway they recorded a Deadpool 2 spoiler discussion podcast, with spoilers from the start; you’ve all had more than enough time to  catch the movie by now, so join us as we talk cameo’s, comical deaths and prisons wallet’s. Let us know what you thought of Deadpool 2 and the podcast by tweeting us at @mcyapandfries or individually at@mcnastyprime & @gavyap or or email us at podcast@mcyapandfries.com, Don’t forget to check out our Instagram feed @mcyapandfries and please do drop by our sponsor’s website, Greenroom136.com; makers of handmade urban carry gear, from backpacks to wallets, sidekeeps and more, made right here in Malaysia.  Get 10% of your next purchase at Greenroom136.com using the offer code we read out on the podcast! The post Episode 210: Deadpool 2 appeared first on McYapandFries.com.
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