14 minutes | Apr 7, 2020

Understanding Surgical Weight Loss

Michael Kia, DO, FACOS, FACS, discusses bariatric surgery, including which individuals are good candidates for the procedure, how the procedure works, and what recovery entails. In the episode, Dr. Kia answers the following questions:1) For most people, bariatric surgery becomes an option after years of failed attempts at weight loss. Can you tell us what may indicate that someone may be a candidate for bariatric surgery?2) Can you describe the process, from the first appointment to the surgery? Is there anything patients need to do prior to the surgery? What types of diagnostic (or other) testing is typically required?3) What are the various procedures? What is recovery like for these procedures?4) As a potential bariatric surgery patient, how can you determine which procedure may be right for you?5) What lifestyle changes need to be considered after bariatric surgery?6) What complications may arise, and what can patients do to minimize the likelihood of complications?7) Is it possible for patients to regain weight after the procedure? 8) What advice do you have for listeners who are considering bariatric surgery?
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