9 minutes | Feb 18, 2020

Breathe Easier: Understanding Asthma and COPD

Dr. Michael Basha discusses the differences between asthma and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), who is most at risk, and typical signs and symptoms of each condition. He also shares some treatment options.In the interview, Dr. Basha answers the following: 1) Asthma and COPD are fairly common in our society. Can you describe these conditions and their causes? (What does COPD stand for?)2) What are the most common signs of asthma and COPD? Are the symptoms different, and do they typically present in people of different age groups?3) Regarding asthma, who’s most at risk, and what are some of the signs and symptoms of the condition?4) What causes an asthma attack? Can these attacks be stopped once they’re in progress?5) Compared to asthma, does COPD trigger similar “attacks”?6) What are the most effective treatments for asthma and COPD?7) What advice can you share for our listeners who are living with asthma or COPD?
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