9 minutes | Jan 20, 2020

Advancements in Joint Replacement

Michael Wagner, DO, discusses breakthrough advancements in joint replacement surgery, including robotics-assisted surgery.In the interview, Dr. Wagner answers the following:1. What are the main reasons patients consider joint replacement? What are they typically experiencing in their daily lives, prior to the procedure?2. Are patients typically of a certain age, or are you seeing younger patients in need of joint replacement?3. There are various procedures used for joint replacement. You seem to be an advocate for robotics-assisted joint replacement procedures. “Robotics-assisted surgery” may be a new term for some of our listeners. What does that mean?4. What advantages have you seen with this added technology?5. With robotics-assisted joint replacement, what’s the recovery like? How does it compare to traditional joint replacement?6.When you think about the future of joint replacement surgery, do you envision more patients opting for procedures with enhanced technology?
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