35 minutes | Dec 8, 2020

McKinsey Recruiting: Ricky on Consulting.

What does a consultant do, and what are the different roles on a client study? What types of backgrounds make a good consultant? How can you find out if a career as a consultant is the right choice for you? Tune in and find answers to these questions and more in our latest McKinsey Recruiting Podcast episode, with Ricky. Ricky is an engagement manager based in McKinsey’s London office. She began her McKinsey career in our Lagos office in 2016, and prior to that, she was a chartered accountant and also ran a successful cupcake business. Outside of work Ricky loves baking, playing sports and spending time with her son. # Before joining McKinsey, Ricky turned her passion for baking into a successful cupcake business. # Outside of the team room you can find Ricky playing American flag football, which has taught her a lot about teamwork. # In addition to explaining the responsibilities of an engagement manager, Ricky provides an overview of the different roles on a client study and how consultants solve problems. # Ricky gives helpful insights on how she balances a demanding job as a consultant with being a parent. # In our “Ask me anything” section, Ricky highlights the required skills and academical background that are needed to succeed in the consulting industry. She also explains the opportunities McKinsey offers for students from varied backgrounds. For more information on our podcast, visit: http://mckinsey.com/recruitingpodcast Read more >    Listen to the podcast (duration: 35:17) >  
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