36 minutes | Nov 15, 2022

Ep3- Research to Commercialization: How research institutions and universities can cultivate an environment that spurs innovation

‘You need to fall in love with and maximize the problem if you are looking to be able to come up with a brilliant solution”, asserts our guest, Ms. Agnes Tsuma as she narrates her journey coming into research innovation and commercialization. This episode features an engaging conversation that highlights the existing opportunities for early career innovators in Kenya, the current state of industry-academia linkage, and the strategic steps by KENIA to propel research outputs and technology from our institutions to the marketplace.

Agnes Tsuma is a research, innovation, and grants management professional with 10+ years of multifaceted experience with well-established international institutions. She is currently the Manager of Innovation Commercialization at the Kenya National Innovation Agency (KeNIA), and was a TCC Africa trainee in 2021.

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