43 minutes | May 15, 2023

Ep 9- Sustaining Scholarly Communications for Future Generations: Approaches for African Libraries with AFLIA’s Dr. Mac-Anthony Cobblah.

On this episode of the podcast, we had the privilege of catching up with Dr. Mac-Anthony Cobblah, an accomplished leader in academic librarianship, as he shares his insights on librarianship and leadership, especially when it comes to promoting open science within the realm of scholarly communication in African universities. He holds the position of chair for Academic and Special Libraries at the African Library and Information Associations and Institutions , as well as University Librarian and Lecturer at the University of Cape Coast in Ghana.

Dr. Cobblah speaks about the need for sustainability in research and the impact it has on future generations. He questions what literacy we are leaving for the next generation and urges higher education and research institutions to get involved in research that has a lasting impact and can transcend beyond our generation.

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