15 minutes | Jun 3, 2020

Special Mayo Clinic Q&A episode: How information technology helps in the COVID-19 response

Mayo Clinic Radio listeners: Mayo Clinic is committed to being a trusted source for COVID-19 health information. We will share COVID-19 (coronavirus) episodes from our other podcast, Mayo Clinic Q&A, here on this Mayo Clinic Radio platform. During to the COVID-19 pandemic, teleworking and distance learning has become a necessity. The new normal means many people needed technology to do their jobs, and that is certainly true at Mayo Clinic. Information technology (IT) has aided Mayo Clinic during the pandemic in two significant ways. One, thousands of employees moved out of their offices and into their homes to work. And two, patients now more than ever are being seen by their health care providers using video visits and tele-health. On the Mayo Clinic Q&A podcast, Mark Henderson, division chair of IT at Mayo Clinic, discusses how IT has aided in the COVID-19 response.
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