67 minutes | Feb 20, 2021

The Social Network

This week we take a look at the Fincher-Sorkin collaboration, The Social Network. The film charts the rise of Mark Zuckerberg as he creates the most popular social network platform ever. As we talk staging, we discuss potential multi-part sequels, using framing devices onstage, reimagining film for the theatre space rather than recreating it, and how best to utilise the incredible score that this film boasts. You can find the Average Blokes show on Instagram and YouTube and you can find Joshua Clarke on Instagram @therealjoshclarke.Don't forget to rate the podcast in app and get in contact if you have any thoughts about our staging. Would you want to potentially shift the protagonist focus away from Zuckerberg? What would you like to see in a multi-part play that includes a sequel? Who would you cast in Justin Timberlake's role now? Hit us up on our socials, or email us:Twitter/Instagram: @maybeulikeitFacebook: @maybeyoulikeitEmail: info@maybeyoulikeit.co.ukCaleb is on twitter, instagram and letterboxd @caleblebsterJake is on twitter and letterboxd @jakereeshFind out more about us at https://www.maybeyoulikeit.co.ukMusic is from Kavana CrossleyMaybe You Like It, Maybe You Don't See acast.com/privacy for privacy and opt-out information.
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