46 minutes | Oct 19th 2020

MPH#146 - Being a Digital-RV-Entrepreneur-Multimillionaire-CEO at 23 with Guest Bryce Wilson

Today’s powerful conversation is with Bryce Wilson, entrepreneur & world traveler who at 22, became the CEO & owner of a million dollar business. Now at 23, he’s navigating a multi-million dollar business while living full time in an RV. Bryce found opportunity during the pandemic, stay tuned for tips and tools for how you can too! Episode Highlights: *Tips for Living & Working Remotely *Starting a Business Called Ticket Rescue *Powerful Mindset Transitions *“Stupid Idea” Time *Powerful Perspectives & Radical Responsibility *Tips for Living & Working Remotely *Personal Growth & Development *Being a Sponge for Success Bryce’s Top 3 Max Potential Habits: Put Yourself First Create a Nurturing Environment Learn Every Day Links to Bryce: https://www.instagram.com/brycethrillson/ www.trtvirtual.com Bryce’s Bio: Bryce Wilson is the 24-year-old Founder & CEO of both Ticket Rescue & TRT Virtual– two virtual startup companies that are shaking up their industries.Over the past 4 years, Bryce has hit milestones that many young entrepreneurs only dream of reaching. At 22, he was proudly able to call himself the CEO & Owner of a million dollar business, which by 23, became a multi-million dollar business. As a result of nationwide event cancellation during the COVID-19 outbreak, business at Ticket Rescue came to a screeching halt. Bryce quickly pivoted, looked for positivity in all of the disruption, and used this opportunity to start a new business venture. His new online startup, TRT Virtual, has generated 5 figures in sales during its first month of publicly offering social media engagement services. Bryce thrives off of moments of challenge & change. While transitioning and developing his new company during a time of uncertainty, he purchased an RV to live full time on the road. He is now traveling the US as a full-time digital nomad and will continue living the life he desires, with no limits. 👉🏼Be sure to enter the Max Potential Habits RAFFLE to win AWESOME MPH prizes! Simply email the screenshot of your iTunes review to MPHRaffle@NFACoaching.com 👉🏼Check out this link to see how to leave an iTunes review in less than 5 minutes for the Max Potential Habits Podcast - http://bit.ly/HowToLeaveMPHPodcastReview **************************** ➡️ Take the BIZ BUILDING MINDSET VILLAIN QUIZ: https://bit.ly/BizMindsetQuiz ➡️ Enroll in the 30 DAY ONLINE BOOTCAMP to Train Your Brain for Business Success: http://www.InnerBossBootcamp.com ➡️ GET A 5 MINUTE MINDSET SWITCH STRATEGY: http://bit.ly/InstantMindsetSwitchStrategy ➡️ WATCH – NFA BOOST YOUR BIZ HABITS: http://bit.ly/NFATop10BusinessHabitsDownload ➡️ GRAB YOUR COPY OF THE MONEY MAGNET GUIDE: http://bit.ly/NFAMoneyMagnetGuide ➡️ Join NFA BUSINESS MINDSET CHURCH Mastermind: http://www.NFAMindsetChurch.com ➡️ Apply to Work 1:1 with Dr. Amanda http://bit.ly/ApplyToWorkWithDrAmanda **************************** Links to Dr. Amanda & @NFACoaching Website: www.NFACoaching.com Insta: www.instagram.com/nfacoaching/ LinkedIn: www.linkedin.com/in/nfacoaching/ BeeKonnected: https://dramanda.beekonnected.com/ YouTube: bit.ly/MaxPotentialHabitsonYouTube Facebook: www.facebook.com/NFACoaching/