26 minutes | Oct 15th 2020

MPH#145 - How to Have an "I want to be HOLY SHIT RICH!" Mindset

Do you have a poverty consciousness mindset or an abundance mindset that’s set up to help you build your wealth? This episode is about your thoughts and beliefs about money and why you want the “I WANT TO BE HOLY SHIT RICH!” MINDSET. Stay tuned for tips to drop competing commitments that keep you from manifesting the money you want. 👉🏼Be sure to enter the Max Potential Habits RAFFLE to win AWESOME MPH prizes! Simply email the screenshot of your iTunes review to MPHRaffle@NFACoaching.com 👉🏼Check out this link to see how to leave an iTunes review in less than 5 minutes for the Max Potential Habits Podcast - http://bit.ly/HowToLeaveMPHPodcastReview **************************** ➡️ Take the BIZ BUILDING MINDSET VILLAIN QUIZ: https://bit.ly/BizMindsetQuiz ➡️ Enroll in the 30 DAY ONLINE BOOTCAMP to Train Your Brain for Business Success: http://www.InnerBossBootcamp.com ➡️ GET A 5 MINUTE MINDSET SWITCH STRATEGY: http://bit.ly/InstantMindsetSwitchStrategy ➡️ WATCH – NFA BOOST YOUR BIZ HABITS: http://bit.ly/NFATop10BusinessHabitsDownload ➡️ GRAB YOUR COPY OF THE MONEY MAGNET GUIDE: http://bit.ly/NFAMoneyMagnetGuide ➡️ Join NFA BUSINESS MINDSET CHURCH Mastermind: http://www.NFAMindsetChurch.com ➡️ Apply to Work 1:1 with Dr. Amanda http://bit.ly/ApplyToWorkWithDrAmanda **************************** Links to Dr. Amanda & @NFACoaching Website: www.NFACoaching.com Insta: www.instagram.com/nfacoaching/ LinkedIn: www.linkedin.com/in/nfacoaching/ BeeKonnected: https://dramanda.beekonnected.com/ YouTube: bit.ly/MaxPotentialHabitsonYouTube Facebook: www.facebook.com/NFACoaching/