20 minutes | Mar 6, 2021

What A 5th Grader Knows About Senior Care That We Don’t

“As the founder of Seniors4Seniors, I was honored when my fifth grade daughter chose to write a paper about mental health and senior care. She has grown up around older adults due to my profession, and is an inspiration to me every day.” Eric Peterson, founder, Seniors4Seniors About The Episode What a treat to speak with Ms. Belle Peterson, a fifth grade student who wrote an articulate paper on “The World We Need.” Ms. Peterson’s paper was written for a class project and speaks to the mental health, social health, and physical health of our older population. In this episode you will learn: Why Ms. Peterson chose this topic What message she hopes to deliver to the audience What change she would like to see in the world Sponsored By Serenity Engage is a HIPAA-compliant conversation platform that increases move-ins, streamlines communications, and reduces risk for senior care providers. And because better communication means less litigation, ask us how to get a 10% insurance premium discount for using Serenity. Learn more at www.serenityengage.com.
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