20 minutes | Nov 29, 2020

Introducing Our New Chief Maverick of Ingenuity, Taylor Hulett

“I’d like to see all of us continue to think creatively, use technology, and rethink our systems in order to move the industry forward so it’s better for everyone.” Taylor Hulett, Chief Ingenuity Maverick at Mavericks of Senior Living ------------------------ Welcome to our new Maverick! Taylor Hulett joins Francis and Katherine as the Chief Ingenuity Maverick, bringing his passion for improving the way we age. Join us to learn: About the book Taylor authored about Alzheimer’s Why Taylor wants to see change in senior care What Taylor’s inclination for high performance teams and systems brings to the Mavericks ------------------------ Free eBook on Collaborative Care And if you want to build trusted relationships with the families of your residents that increases satisfaction scores, lowers cost of care delivery, and drives revenue, download the ebook below to get started. The Mavericks worked with a cross-section of roles in senior care to create a 14-Day Communication Plan to build trusted relationships between staff and families. These relationships are proving to: Improve resident/patient well-being Increase family satisfaction Increase staff job satisfaction, decreasing turnover Increase move-ins and referrals Download eBook now! ------------------------ P.S. Ready to get your Mavericks coffee mug? Share with us what your favorite idea from either this conversation or your own ideas and experience about how we can support our older population right now. Email or post the answer on our social media and your Mavericks coffee mug will be in the mail. If you like this episode, please subscribe! Tell us what you think, and what you’d like to see changed in senior care. —————————————————- We’re all about challenging the status quo here at Maverick’s Headquarters! Welcome to the Challenging The Way We Age podcast by the Mavericks of Senior Living. We are two innovators and entrepreneurs who have huge hearts and passion for our older adults. And we see all kinds of opportunities to improve today’s system and create hope for the way we age. We tackle hard topics with the goal of creating conversation and generating curiosity and ingenuity to solve these problems. Want to join the Maverick Movement? Have a story on how you or your team are fostering ingenuity. Share it with us and check out our other episodes to light your innovation fire. Don’t forget to subscribe for more great interviews. JOIN THE MOVEMENT
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