35 minutes | Feb 16, 2021

How We Can Make The Move To Assisted Living More Inviting And Welcoming

"When my grandparents moved into assisted living, we knew the basics were taken care of, but we wanted to ensure they had what they needed and also what they wanted. Things like the brand and size of toothpaste mattered so much to them. So we created a way to make it easy for families." Jimmy Zollo, founder, Joe & Bella About The Episode Jimmy Zollo is Co-Founder of Joe & Bella, a new service that provides older adults with the full array of products they need. He has a deep personal and professional connection to this audience, including residents of care communities, their families, and caregivers. For more information, please visit: http://www.JoeandBella.com Join us to learn: How Jimmy experienced his grandparent's move into assisted living Why it's challenging to care for a family member remotely and the unique challenge of ensuring your loved one is receiving the level of care that they need when you can't be there What we can do to help the professional caregivers, many of whom have had to give up their second job to pay the bills during COVID
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