30 minutes | Mar 2, 2021

How to Impact The Future of Aging Today!

“My dad taught me that if I didn’t like the way something was going, change it. My parents did not want to move into senior living, but at a certain point they needed a higher level of care than we could provide. If I want to see my future differently, now is the time to create change.” ~Katherine Wells, Chief Inspiration Maverick at Mavericks of Senior Living, and CEO of Serenity Engage About The Episode The Mavericks chat about the future of aging. This can seem like an overwhelming task but when you break it down to small goals it really is attainable. We must focus on the little things to make lasting impacts. ---------------- Ready to get your Mavericks coffee mug? Share with us what your favorite idea from either this conversation or your own ideas and experience about how we can support our older population right now. Email or post the answer on our social media and your Mavericks coffee mug will be in the mail.
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