38 minutes | Apr 13, 2021

How Our Language Affects The Transition Into Senior Care

About The Episode Moving...no matter the age is tough. It's even more of a challenge for many of our older adults who move into senior living. The Mavericks and their amazing collaborators tackle the stigma, feelings and emotions around transitioning into Senior Living. Join us as we share our discussions for the past several months and work towards improving and breaking the status quo. We are truly blessed to be surrounded with some many amazing people who want to improve the aging experience. Morgan Jenkins, Maintain Me Juliana Young, Home Care Assistance of Douglas County Kathleen Hulme, Home Safety and Accessibility Solutions And a shout out to those involved in our Collab Cohort #2 that were unable to be on the show today: Dale Carter, Transitioning Aging Parents Michelle Olson, Clear Guidance Courtney Wentworth, Serenity Engage Holly Shure, Serenity Engage Terri Cassidy,  Health Promotion Partners Marilyn Weber, Grief Recovery Specialist
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