27 minutes | Feb 23, 2021

3 Ways To Reduce The Stress of Moving A Loved One Into Residential Care

“When I help people through the journey of downsizing or moving, I bring with me the stories my grandmother shared when we helped her through it. We spend some time talking about the emotional value of things as well as the financial value, and understand what they want to make space for in their future.”  ~ Theresa L Cashman, Owner, TLC Clearing Space About The Episode Theresa shares the story of her grandmother who would talk about how all nine of her siblings gave up their Christmas gifts during the Great Depression so that she could get a pair of glasses. This is the inspiration behind Theresa’s dedication for helping people create a great moving experience, especially when downsizing after many years or moving into senior living, so they have space to design a new way forward. Join us to learn: How TLC Clearing Space works Why it matters to have the right company helping during this often emotional time Who can benefit from having a compassionate, caring third party involved in the process P.S. Ready to get your Mavericks coffee mug? Share with us what your favorite idea from either this conversation or your own ideas and experience about how we can support our older population right now. Email or post the answer on our social media and your Mavericks coffee mug will be in the mail. If you like this episode, please subscribe! Tell us what you think, and what you’d like to see changed in senior care. Here’s where you can learn more about the people and ideas in this episode: Theresa L Cashman, Owner, TLC Clearing Space Francis LeGasse, Chief Curiosity Maverick, and CEO of Assured Assisted Living, Sevens Residential Care, Sevens Home Care Katherine Wells, Chief Inspiration Maverick at Mavericks of Senior Living, and CEO of Serenity Engage Taylor Hulett, Chief Ingenuity Maverick at Mavericks of Senior Living, and Director of Customer Success at Serenity Engage
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