51 minutes | Nov 1, 2018

Wes Kao - Influencing and Persuading for Scrappy Changemakers

Whatever flavour of Maverick you are, whether change maker, leader or entrepreneur, sooner or later you are going to have to sell people on your ideas and bring them on a journey with you. And this is what marketeer Wes Kao is a master of.  She understands that selling isn’t a dirty word, but rather about deep empathy, walking a mile in another person’s shoes and really helping the other person to feel seen and heard. She helps organisations launch products, leaders run change programmes and entrepreneurs to really understand their audience. Wes has also learned from the best having worked closely with Seth Godin as the Executive Director of his AltMBA programme. In this episode, we do talk about tools and techniques of persuasion, but we go rather deeper into how to really hone your empathy, building your confidence and how to bring your loved ones along on with your on your Maverick journey. In this conversation, you'll learn: The life advice that Seth Godin gave Wes "It was like a knife being sharpened" - the experience of working with Seth Godin Whether you are a change maker, leader or entrepreneur, you need to be selling your ideas every day The role of the WIIFT (what's in it for them?) How to build your empathy (clue: it's not all about you!) The need to position your ideas in the context of what is important to the person you are trying to bring along with you...not what is important to you If it is hard to get ourselves to change, why do we wonder why it is difficult to get other people to change? How to use social proof, FOMO and storytelling to bring people along with us The role of tribal behaviour in getting people to take action How to use these techniques to bring your loved ones on your journey DO NOT try to problem solve with people until they feel seen and heard Ultimately this is all about establishing and building TRUST How using sprints and building momentum is so important in building your confidence Trojan-horsing your idea to get past the "immune system" of your organisation or family And much much more! Links Wes' social links - LINKEDIN | TWITTER
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