47 minutes | Apr 12, 2019

How To Become More Authentic And Resilient (with Josh Connolly)

Every now and then, someone comes along who is so genuine and authentic that it is hard not to be instantly enrolled in them.  That was the case for us at Mavericks Unlimited with Josh Connolly.  Josh is a speaker, coach and spokesperson for the National Association for Children of Alcoholics, who spends his time passionately advocating the power of authenticity, resilience and acceptance.  These aren't just concepts for Josh, they are born out of hard-earned experience and an extraordinary journey through life with extreme ups and downs.  He also speaks about mental health and why so much of the current debate on this topic is focused on completely the wrong thing. The thing that I love about Josh is that he speaks so openly and authentically about emotions and feelings that many of us have but are afraid to bring out into the open.  More than that, he speaks with courage, acceptance and compassion.  Josh is a true model of what it is to fall down, do the inner work and, ultimately, thrive as a person doing incredible work in the world. In this conversation, we talk about: The difference between how we see our lives and what is actually happening The strategies we use to deal with overwhelm, stress and pain that simply don't work The difference between how we look to the outside world and what we might actually be feeling inside The journey through addiction to actually thriving in life Why being completely present with how you are feeling can literally change everything How the current focus on mental health in society and the workplace is actually focused on the wrong things Thriving in life and work is ultimately down to resilience What resilience is and what it isn't The keys and techniques to build your resilience Why stress is good...and when it becomes bad How to reframe stress in order to become more resilient The power of authenticity...and how to become more authentic Josh's Social Links LinkedIn | Facebook | Twitter | Youtube  
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