41 minutes | Jun 6, 2019

How To Be A Maverick CEO (with Justin Billingsley)

Justin Billingsley defies convention. It would be very easy to make assumptions about someone who is one of the most senior people globally in a multinational advertising group. Whatever picture that brings to mind, Justin is NONE of that…and is a true Maverick. As the CEO of Publicis DACH and Publicis EMIL, Justin runs a multi-billion dollar business. But, he walked into our interview, took off his converse trainers and chatted with me as if I had known him for years. It couldn’t have been more refreshing experience. In this podcast, Justin discusses his journey as a Maverick and how he has risen to the ranks of being a global business leader, all while staying true to himself. What impressed me most about Justin is just how down-to-earth, humble, geeky and personal he is. He is also immensely smart. If you work in corporate but long to be more true to yourself, this is a must listen. In this conversation, we talk about: Even in corporations, you can be disrupting and entrepreneurial What is your one-word equity? What it takes to reach the top of one of the world’s largest and most successful companies The challenges and opportunities of moving your family and moving to China How as a Maverick, you have to be able to embrace ambiguity Despite technology, it is still important to do business by looking people in the eye by being there in person In the age of information and technology, staying analogue is what keeps Justin organised As a founder, know your weaknesses and staff up around that The challenges of integrating family life and self-care and with being a global business leader How even global leaders have the people that inspire them When looking for inspiration, read outside of your immediate area of interest…it stimulates creativity and lateral thinking Assume that you are not an imposter! That holds more people back than almost anything else… Justin's Social Links LinkedIn | Twitter
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