48 minutes | Oct 12th 2018

Glenn Elliott - The Rebel Approach to Employee Engagement

You know how sometimes you meet someone who is so effortlessly inspiring, it is unreal. That was my experience with Glenn Elliott, the founder of Reward Gateway and author of “Build It: The Rebel Playbook for World Class Employee Engagement”. Glenn is a highly successful entrepreneur and former engineer whose approach to employee engagement is simple, down-to-earth and common sense.  To him, engagement is not some fluffy HR issue but the single most important business improvement tool.  As a result he is a hugely sought after speaker and travels the world championing employee engagement. Glenn is grounded, warm and real..and that is what makes him so inspiring.  There is no inauthenticity or pretense.  And that is what makes him so effective. In this conversation, you’ll learn: The impact of office design on culture and engagement "Employee engagement is about creating en environment when people can do their best work and want to do their best work" The three factors for determining whether a person is going to be engaged at their job Employee engagement isn't a fluffy issue on the side, it is the single most important business improvement tool Every factor that will add to your bottom line is connected to people... Numbers are just a mathematical model of the output of people...so how engaged your people are is critical According to Gallup, about 70% of people are disengaged at work...and that isn't really changing Most companies still treat their employees in the same way that we did during the Industrial Revolution (200 years ago!) If you can't trust the people that work for you, don't employ them...employ people you can trust and build a great team Most employee engagement is actually quite straight forward common sense and isn't expensive A huge act of corporate rebellion...saying thank you to people at work ;) The Bridge Model to Employee Engagement The easiest places to start in building engagement are communication and recognition  LINKS Glenn's social links - LINKEDIN | TWITTER
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