50 minutes | Oct 3, 2018

Chris Bailey - Hyperfocus: Manage Your Attention, Not Your Time!

Let’s face it, one of the biggest barriers to living life on your terms is a lack of time and having too many things to do.  If we could just get ourselves a bit more organised or productive, things would be better, right? Well, productivity expert Chris Bailey believes that it is not about managing time, it is about managing your attention.  Social media and split focus are ruining the quality of our lives AND what we can accomplish.  In his new book, Hyperfocus, Chris looks at what mindfulness really means and how it can supercharge our productivity and our life. Chris is just a warm, compassionate man who is super-knowledgeable and full of practical tips.  I also love that he is a bit of a productivity geek as well. We talk about the neuroscience of productivity, meditation as a time management tool and the difference between getting stuff done vs accomplishing meaningful outcomes. Other highlights of our conversation include: Effective productivity is actually about managing your attention not managing your time The first key to turning around overwhelm is looking at where you are stimulated or overstimulated Is looking at Instagram or Twitter really meaningful to your life or is it just distraction? How to check where your focus is on a consistent focus Hyperfocus vs Scatterfocus It is when our attention is at rest, that is when our mind is most creative Productivity and the power of 3 Chris' super hack on the 3 Most Important Tasks productivity method The power of setting intentions before each task we attend to The difference between "how much have I done?" and "how much have I accomplished?" There really is no such thing as multitasking...it's impossible The real reason why multitasking actually kills your productivity Productivity is the by-product of managing our attention..and managing our attention determines the quality of our lives When was the last time you spent a day not looking at a screen? LINKS Chris' website - A Life of Productivity Chris' new book - Hyperfocus Chris' TEDx Talk - A More Human Approach To Productivity Chris' social links - TWITTER
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