52 minutes | Jul 6, 2018

Brooke Siem - Take Back Control of Your Life

Our guest this week is the speaker, writer and chef, Brooke Siem.  Brooke describes herself as “categorically homeless”, having created a life as a digital nomad entrepreneur. Brooke was a highly acclaimed chef and food writer in New York.  However, she suffered huge depression and had been on anti-depressants since the age of 15, following the sudden death of her father. So, she made a massive change by booking a one-way ticket to Malaysia and getting off the meds.  Two years and 17 countries later, Brooke's primary focus is on advocating for mental health and wellness without the use of prescription drugs. What I love about Brooke is her direct approach to life, her joy and her passion. She has wisdom beyond her years and is radically compassionate. Some of the highlights of our conversation include: What life is like as a digital nomad/multi-entrepreneur The experience of finding wellness after coming off of anti-depressants The impact of being unmedicated while travelling around the world How to keep yourself grounded while going through a big change How losing the apparent big opportunity can be a blessing in disguise You can be in charge of your life but YOU have to take control of your life How the use of metaphor can have a transformative effect What the process of writing a book is like The problem with how we look at anxiety and depression in the modern world...and a more empowering way of looking at it Why "selfishness" is actually the key to staying healthy The gift of being focused on the present rather than the future Between the highlights is a lot of sweatpants and computer time! The need to take personal responsibility, even when you feel you are the victim of your circumstances The importance of learning to deal with your emotions rather than suppressing them An entrepreneurial idea that is just waiting for someone to exploit it!
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