33 minutes | Jul 16th 2019

WENDY SHUGAR Said Being Grossly Overweight & Building A Barrier To Hide Behind Things Is A Tragedy, Yet She Turned That Around And Triumphed

WENDY said in her late 40s she remembers the exact defining moment she knew she needed to change from being at her heaviest 315 lbs. so she decided to go on a hike but became so tired after a mile, a stranger had to get down and tie her shoe. Then came the constant reprimands, self-put downs, which she mentions on this podcast ... ultimately asking herself, “Who am I hiding from; who am I kidding then realizing “I am hiding from myself.” Yes there was good that came out of Wendy’s experience and she says when facing a very difficult issue, no matter how bad things got for her or for others today, there is always a solution. When that solution comes from the point of view of ones true purpose in life, then it reflects growth and happiness, which means for her she is more fun, reliable and healthy to be around. Out of all those experiences Wendy has created an amazing brand designed to help you get healthy and importantly kill the mind drama! Whether your hiking, doing yoga or simply having a purposeful conversation, Wendy is sure to help you along your path to enlightenment and healthy living. Wendy is also a published Author most recently “thoughts Beneath the Stars” Poetry written in nature! Go here for more: Happyhikersfitness.com Wendy said she is definitely a Mature Preneur on a mission to help others get healthy not only with their bodies but with their minds also! It all starts on the inside! And says, “Not all who wander are lost!”
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