31 minutes | Jul 13th 2019

LINDA CLAY Says at 60 It’s A Difficult Place To Be, Unemployed, Running Out of Savings; You Need To Take Dramatic Action, Then You Can Triumph & Even Help Others

Linda has been through several different life transitions and triumphed, which is why this podcast is full of practical tips. Losing her husband, becoming a single parent to her granddaughter, suffering depression and PTSD took several years to heal. One of the biggest challenges was realizing how little you could control in life. Through daily meditation and a routine she learned to control that overwhelmed feeling. The universe loves to send wake up calls and that message came through loud and clear - Linda realized she had no income, was about to lose her home and had her 5 year old granddaughter to raise. She ‘woke’ up, asked for help got a job, moved to a different state and started her new chapter. These types of challenges are difficult but by taking any tough situation and breaking it into manageable steps, you can find the steps to move forward. Over the next 10 years, Linda made more moves and career shifts, started a brand new career at 61 but was laid off at 63. This time she made a list of her skills, trainings and knowledge and knew she could transfer them into an online business. But something still felt off that. Realizing she had lost touch with herself, she had to do something out of the norm. Selling everything Linda went on an adventure to Portugal where she reconnected to her purpose, created a framework with tools she developed from her years of working in the public and private sectors guiding working moms and corporate women who are ready to create their own life, reconnect with their spiritual self and find their purpose so they can create more time, income, and more impact while living life on their terms at any age.  Connect with Linda on social media and here www.Lindamclay.com          
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