15 minutes | Mar 19th 2020

Diana Todd-Banks Monologue - Mature Preneurs Talk - Season 2

Books Books Books. Diana Todd-Banks host of Mature Preneurs Talk Podcast discusses the book by the podcast name with the sub-title “How To Have A Productive, Energised, Creative Life After 50.” in the book are 21 guests from this program – all over 50 60 70 plus, who have created new income producing ventures, some of which have not existed before. The amazing result is they feel more vital, younger, healthier, happier and financially more at peace. Each contributor can be contacted. During this new season sometimes specialists pertinent to this demographic and topic will also be guests. Get the MPT book on Amazon, Kindle and other online retailers.   Talking books the MPT Host Diana, says many people want to write a book and asks listeners the question – “do you want to write a book, but don’t know how, you can’t, don’t have time or, or... you have other reasons you can’t?” She says too many good books don’t see the light of day. To ease that Diana, the Mature Preneurs Host, discusses albeit briefly, the quick start program to get a book out of your head. The goal is to help YOU, write and publish your book in a faster, better, less expensive way than on your own. Go to this address to contact the Host to learn more:  www.dianatoddbanks.com/contact2/
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