27 minutes | May 6, 2021

Real world data and analytics in home health and hospice with Angela Richards, Director of Health Informatics at Androscoggin Home Healthcare and Hospice

Introduction In this episode of the Post-Acute POV, our host, VP of Sales for Home and Hospice, Craig Levy, is joined by Angela Richards, Director of Health Informatics at Androscoggin Home Healthcare and Hospice to discuss real world data and analytics and the importance of the patient’s story. Join Angela and Craig as they cover topics such as using data to develop strategic conversations, what makes a great data partner, remote patient monitoring, and telehealth. This episode provides real world examples of how data and analytics are used to improve workflows and increase efficiencies across post-acute care organizations. Listen to their conversation below. Topics discussed during today’s episode: [01:06 - 02:07]: Angela describes her origin story and how she found her focus on data and analytics at Androscoggin. [02:30 - 05:41]: The pair discuss when data became relevant in post-acute care from a business standpoint. [6:05 - 8:07]: Angela explains how she uses data to develop strategic conversations around the patient related to better outcomes and how this sets Androscoggin apart.   [8:21 - 11:28]: Angela and Craig discuss what qualities make a great data partner, some of the specific data elements that should be shared with partners, and how they would be displayed. [11:47 - 13:30]: Angela explains the importance of telehealth and remote patient monitoring. [13:48 - 17:11]: Angela shares how Androscoggin looks at data differently as a diversified business and which trends are driving different business behaviors. [17:35 - 19:45]: The pair discuss using data and analytics to improve workflow efficiency. [20:02 - 21:14]: Angela offers advice for someone who is not currently using data to improve workflows in post-acute care. [21:40 - 24:06]: Angela and Craig discuss how clinicians are focused on patient engagement and the importance of a patient’s story. [25:23 - 26:02]: Angela reveals how she would like the future of data to utilize a centralized format. Resources Learn more about MatrixCare: https://www.matrixcare.com/ Find out more about Androscoggin: https://androscoggin.org/ Read the transcript of today’s episode Listen to more episodes of the Post-Acute POV Disclaimer The content in this presentation or materials is for informational purposes only and is provided “as-is.” Information and views expressed herein, may change without notice. We encourage you to seek as appropriate, regulatory and legal advice on any of the matters covered in this presentation or materials. ©2021 by MatrixCare
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