62 minutes | Apr 17th 2021

Kindergarten Cop

KINDERGARTEN COP A macho cop, adept at dealing with crooks on the street, goes undercover as a teacher and meets the toughest gang he has ever encountered - a room full of five-year-olds! Craig and guest co-host Liz Serna (@nerdybitchespod on twitter) talk about substitute teachers, Arnolds Smile, a month of Keanu Reeves and the movie Kindergarten cop on this week’s Matinee heroes! Show Notes 0:46 Craig and guest co-host Liz Serna talk about favorite Schwarzenegger movies and having a full month of Keanu Reeves podcasts for Nerdy Bitches in April. 8:40 Craig and Liz discuss "Kindergarten Cop" 32:22 Recasting 52:36 Double Feature 54:46 Final Thoughts 59:29 A preview of next week's episode "Maggie" The end of Arnold April is an end of the world movie with surprising depth in "Maggie"
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