24 minutes | Aug 30th 2018

056 – Rickard Rosendahl of Inuheat – Printing Wearable Warmth

A wearable heating platform…

Rickard Rosendahl, CEO of Inuheat Group AB (a developer and manufacturer of the Inuheat Wearable Heating Platform – an entire eco system with all components and materials needed for a clothing manufacturer (the apparel brand) to design and manufacture apparels with active battery powered heating built in), joins Stephanie Benedetto and Samanta Cortes on location at the 2018 WEAR Conference at FIT.

In this episode:
  • How Inuheat has developed platform components to build in heat to apparel
  • Gloves, socks, base layers
  • Applications in medical, performance, military
  • Users can stay out longer, focused
  • Bringing heat onto skin safely and comfortably
  • Creating a system that is cost effective in production, material sourcing, knitting
  • Printing a flexible, smooth heating panel directly on garment
  • Plus, a data platform!
  • Testing certification, a need to develop their own tests and standards, considering setting up an accreditation process
  • Durability, washability
  • Sending data to the user
  • Heptic feedback
  • Inuheat’s partnership with DuPont for volumes with high quality printing, embroidery
  • Medical applications
  • Monetizing to make cost effective, working with 15-20 brands, volume allows them to put more money into development and quality
  • Inuheat’s expertise combined with Inuheat results in added value – meeting a versatile group of end-user requirements on comfort and performance

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