24 minutes | Aug 23rd 2018

055 – Francesca Rosella of CuteCircuit – Gold Plated Hugs

Interactive fashion wearable technology brand…

Francesca Rosella (bio), Co-Founder and Chief Creative Director of CuteCircuit (a global leader in interactive fashion integrating new beauty and functionality through the use of smart textiles and micro-electronics), joins Stephanie Benedetto and Samanta Cortes on locations at the 2018 WEAR Conference at FIT.

In this episode:
  • How Rosella started working in the field in 2001
  • How people can use technology to connect with one another, express themselves
  • Creating the first fashion wearable technology brand in world
  • One of the first thing worked on was hug shirt, a t-shirt lets you hug someone over a distance, transferred in a hug message sent over mobile app
  • Why start with a hug?
  • Overcoming a disconnect between design and technology
  • How CuteCircuit did not want wires in garments
  • Pieces of fabric coated with nano-particals to be transparent and conductive
  • Exciting project with Mercedes, designing a pilot suit, sensors for emotions of pilot, lights up in response to sounds and other stimulus, played in theaters
  • What is the definition of “wearable”, must be a garment
  • The ability to have the same electronics in a bracelet as in your shirt
  • Must have fashion meet function
  • Washability issues
  • Sustainability considerations, recycling, use certified textiles, all electronics have restrictions of hazardous substances, and are all gold plated
  • Have recycling program, send back garment, and recycle components, and discount on new garment
  • Creating la ot of costumes for performers
  • The sound shirt that allows deaf people to feel vibration of instruments in a concert

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