43 minutes | Jul 26, 2018

053 – Panel – Social Responsibility, Sustainability, and Proper Governance

The impact of social responsibility, sustainability, and proper governance on the growth and expansion of companies… Rob Sanchez, CEO of Mouth Media Network, moderates an impressive expert panel on material development, governance, and sustainability as part of an event at Spring Place sponsored by Financial Executives  International, including: Karina Givargisoff, Founder and Editor in Chief of MISSION Magazine Beth Colleton, Founder of Purpose Strategies Danielle Joseph, Investment Officer at Closed Loop Partners William Reinisch, Venture Partner at Paladin Capital Group In this episode: The importance of consideration of social responsibility at early stages of planning a company, ESG and sustaibablity, in idea generation stage, how this has dramatically changed and become complete sector and way of thinking about it How for the next generation this wont be an add on, will be a fundamental part of building an industry Doesn’t work well when it is down the hall Using for growth, generating more opportunity, turning it into value, the more growth the more material a company is saving, correlated to growth, the more you can do — the more money you make Structuring business models around turning a waystream into a revenue stream Evolving, next generation space EVRNU, Bolt Thread as great examples of innovation Growing and scaling Gen Z and Millennials have the most stake in it, and trying to take into account their buying habits and influence, listening to a younger audience helps us keep on track to grow in the right direction Scalability in creating efficiencies in supply chain and recycling defective garments When fabric technologies create rcyclaaed textiles indistinguishable from originals Repurposing textiles Driving revenue generation by allowing people to purchase items that support the changing habits The planning side of raw materials, how we must be thinking about resilience A lot of unanswered question about how to integrate sustainable raw materials into the manufacturing process Making sure to avoid seeming tone deaf to the public, and the important of governance Investors looking at long-term value in companies, and the importance of sustainability The critical nature of transparency, and to lead from the top and follow through that it is a driving force and part of the DNA of a company The up and coming work force wants purpose in their employer, is a valuable part of retention strategy Critical: an actionable purpose strategy that is authentic Photo credits: Jason Drago, ARENAISSANCE FILMS See omnystudio.com/listener for privacy information.
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