51 minutes | Jun 15, 2018

051 – Bruce Thomson of BrightLabel – The Label is the Story

Digital product labeling that enables consumers to go beyond the traditional label to learn more about product origin, materials and features, and to help brands establish a new, digital channel to engage directly with and learn from their customers… Bruce Thomson, Co-founder/CEO of BrightLabel (a software platform that leverages mobile technology to enable digital product labeling in the textiles and apparel sector), joins Stephanie Benedetto and Samanta Cortes in the MouthMedia Network studios powered by Sennheiser. In this episode: Getting dynamic transparaent info on material certifciations in hands of consumers Consumers looking for more out of porducts, to make more informed decsions on what they purchase and wear Most labeling contains little practical info Why this hasn’t been done before, regulatory regimes around the world dictating what labelled on products FTC regulated in America Unfortunate that the story of products isn’t told – Made in Mexico but with Amercian cotton? Symbols on labels mean little BrightLabel builds a label system  — more informed and better for customer while building something that works for manufactorers and brands themeleves Built a platform to integrate info about a product, including dynamic value chain map, provides elegent package attached to the product in retail environments Designers being responsive, value it generated in brand loyalty and what you stand for as a company, and content story piece, outwieghs any competitive challenges Integrating into a digital label provides additional info to consumer assuring high quality BrightLabel not generating new content yet, or reinventing information or content, partnerships of value Important to engage with brands across supply chain Behavioral change with consumer will be necessary to get the, to scan it Partnerships with companies like Lenzing FTC is exploring options to move to more modern format of labeling, and scale up and push out digital labeling standard Focusing on sectors where this can have added value Scanning a product label can translate a label to native languge Implementing “DNA” into thread, and the intersection with Bright Label work Able to extract significant value i.e. verifying fill count or material origins, differentiate quality work from substandard Fly fishing, and how spending a lot of time traveling inspired business Economics See omnystudio.com/listener for privacy information.
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