49 minutes | Mar 23, 2018

042 – Fiona Anastas and Elodie Ternaux of Hyloh – Material Specialists

Design, manufacturing and business from a materials perspective… Fiona Anastas and Elodie Ternaux, Co-Founders of Hyloh (a global collective who approach design, manufacturing and business from a materials perspective and consult, create and educate) join Stephanie Benedetto and Samanta Cortes in the MouthMedia Network Studios powered by Sennheiser. In this episode: The Hyloh website and why there is not much info there, screaming by whispering Looking at products and seeing the materials, how Anastas and Ternaux have eyes that do not look at things the same way as others Why the Hyloh team has the background to understand materials in an elevated manner Doing practical activities helps people to understand materials — they bring that process and thinking to the work Not everyone will know everything about materials, so a technical vernacular doesn’t work The “value prop” of Hyloh, being all designers, less serious, like a sharing economy of knowledge and ecosystems Why plastics can be an awesome material The opportunity for startups to start with material and innovate instead of starting with a product and finding differentiation with materials Understanding processes of integrating materials into garments is helping people think about materials more these days Series of lectures called “After Tomorrow” – answering the question starting with several scenarios of what tomorrow could bring, many outcomes, and how sustainability a key question Connected devices are giving garments more functions they can do, the possibilities of humans becoming immortal, living on Mars Considering materials in space exploration, finding new materials, and 3D printing in space Several polymers can offer qualities of degradability, even compostable, and materials such as a slice of a mushroom, rabbit fur Touching velvet, and growing up sewing in Australia Challenging materials, and why every material is a challenge to replace See omnystudio.com/listener for privacy information.
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