45 minutes | Jul 16, 2021

Is Running Into Your Ex a Sign & Work Crushes

Join sisters and Celebrity Matchmakers, Alessandra Conti and Cristina Pineda as they share their secrets about love and relationships to you! In today’s episode, they analyze the Justin Bieber Tik Tok video and accusations that Justin Bieber "aggressively yelled" at Hailey Bieber. They divulge if you should wear SKIMS when you are on dates. They answer both a Sisterly Advice AND Manswers question from two listeners and break down the Sex and the City Episode, “The Big Time,” discussing the question that Carrie ‘couldn’t help but wonder,' "is timing everything?" All this and more! Subscribe so you don’t miss anything, and follow us on social media: @matchmakersinthecity @datinginthecityshow @matchmakeralessandraconti @matchmakercristinaconti
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