15 minutes | Apr 25, 2016

What is the Most Important Thing in Crisis Management? Bryan Strawser Interview.

How your executives will work together in a crisis is the most important question that a company’s crisis management program needs to answers. Without a clear communication and decision-making framework, detailed plans for particular scenarios do not mean much. The major benefit of a plan is that many decisions will be settled before crisis strikes, saving precious time.

We also discuss how important it is to tell the company’s story before the public makes up their minds on what the story is, and opinions about working with company legal departments.

Bryan Strawser is Founder & CEO of Bryghtpath LLC, a global strategic advisory firm specializing in global risk, business continuity, emergency management, crisis communications, and public affairs.  Bryan is a globally recognized strategist having had a 21-year career at Target Corporation where he built the retailer’s Global Crisis Management & Business Continuity Function. Under Bryan’s leadership, Target received numerous awards from FEMA, the International Association of Emergency Managers, and the Business Continuity Institute.  At Bryghtpath, Bryan leads a team of experts that offer strategic counsel on identifying, preparing for, and managing risk to the world’s leading brands, nonprofits, and public sector agencies.




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