18 minutes | Mar 23, 2021

62: Optimize Your Strengths with Talent Stacking

Talent Stacking is a concept developed by Scott Adams (author and creator of the Dilbert comic) that combines your strongest skills in order to give you an edge in your field. It can have a huge impact on your life and career when used correctly. That’s why in this episode we’re breaking down the method, how to determine your own talent stack, strategies to improve, and so much more.   In this episode you'll learn: -What a talent stack is  -How to determine valuable skills in a particular field -How Amanda and Chris use talent stacking  -Ways a talent stack can benefit you  -Strategies to help you accumulate more knowledge about your specialties -Some of the best invaluable universal skills you can learn  -That it’s never too late to develop a new skill  -How to build your talent stack when starting from scratch  -How to use your skills to create an edge   References:  How to Lose at Everything and Still Win Big by Scott Adams Loserthink by Scott Adams
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