71 minutes | Oct 26, 2020

48: Why Infertility is Rising & How we Can Boost Chances of Conception with Dr. Katherine Zagone

Maintaining your health is crucial to all aspects of life, including fertility. That’s why if you want a child of your own or know someone who does, it can be helpful to understand some of the health-related components to conception. In this episode, fertility specialist Dr. Katherine Zagone breaks down the key components of fertility and conception, the importance of addressing all aspects of fertility, tips on how to get pregnant naturally and holistically, and so much more.  In this episode you'll learn:  -Why infertility is on the rise in the U.S.  -How environmental toxins affect infertility  -That about 80 new chemicals are created every day -How environmental toxins can affect egg quality, sperm quality, and more -That it's more and more common to have children later in life  -About the myth that you can't have kids after 40 -That chronological age is different than your biological age  -About true age -Why telomere testing can be beneficial  -That you can essentially age faster or slower than time -About genetics and how to reverse your biological age  -That fertility is a byproduct of overall health  -Dr. Zagone's perspective on freezing eggs -Why hormonal contraceptives can be taxing on a woman's system  -About some factors that can increase your real age  -How fasting can affect fertility -About different types of fasting  -Why she uses Keto-mojo test trips to test for ketones and glucose  -About the fasting mimicking diet  -How fasting can affect hypothyroidism  -Why Dr. Zagone typically recommends a full detox for her patients  -How gut health can affect fertility  -That what males do is just as important when getting pregnant  -About the difference between motility and morphology of sperm  -That low testosterone in men is a more common occurrence today  -How EMFs can affect fertility  -How marijuana can affect fertility  -That tap water quality can affect fertility in some people  -That shower filters can be beneficial -How to approach nutrition and exercise when you're trying to conceive  -Why it's crucial to eat a clean diet that consists of mostly of whole foods  -The importance of eating a wide variety of healthy fats and antioxidants  -How stress affects fertility  -Why it's important to address past traumas and how they can affect cortisol and fertility  -Some things to look for to know if you're ovulating  -How birth control pills work and how they can affect fertility afterwards  -That hormonal birth control has been linked to nutrient deficiencies, thyroid problems, and poor gut health -About conceiving through IVF and how it works -About IVI and that it's different from IVF  -That it is possible to choose the gender of the baby when using IVF  -Why it's so important to manage stress levels for overall health and fertility  Connect here:  Holitsicfertilitymethod.com   References from the episode: Dr. Jolene Brighten’s episode: The Truth About Birth Control  Keto-Mojo test strips to test for ketones and glucose:  Bath water filter
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