61 minutes | Sep 27, 2020

44: How to Support a Healthy Pregnancy with Sarah Kuhn

There are an endless amount of myths surrounding pregnancy and pre/postpartum health, which can definitely cause some confusion when it comes to supporting a healthy pregnancy from before conception to post-pregnancy . In this episode, Sarah Kuhn, a mom of 3 and pre/post natal exercise specialist and CEO of Juna App, keeps it real by sharing what she has learned about optimizing health specifically for pregnancy, debunking some of the most common myths surrounding what studies have shown is and isn't safe during pregnancy, and sharing extremely helpful advice that will help clear up some of the confusion around nutrition and health throughout pregnancy.   In this episode you'll learn:  About Sarah and her experience during her pregnancies About some health related changes you can make to prepare for pregnancy  That trying to conceive is very case-by case and looks different for everyone Data suggests that the Mediterranean diet is beneficial for the trying-to-conceive period (for both men and women) The importance of physical activity for pregnancy How working out can affect conception  That period tracking apps can be helpful, especially if you're trying to conceive  About some common misconceptions around exercising during pregnancy  Debunking the myth that pregnant women can't exercise if their heart rate goes above 140bpm About the new recommendation in regards to exercising during pregnancy (the "talk test")  That saunas and hot yoga are not recommended for pregnant women  The importance of core strength About some moves like side planks that can be done in moderation to strengthen the core That diastasis recti is common in the third trimester  That breathing through your diaphragm during pregnancy can have benefits  About Sarah's 2 "no-no's" when it comes to pregnant women exercising What the recovery recommendation is for postpartum exercise  About Sarah's first pregnancy experience compared to her third pregnancy  About the hormone Relaxin  That there are so many benefits to working out throughout pregnancy, even if you didn't work out before your pregnancy  When it comes to physical activity after delivery, listen to what your doctor says no matter what, because it depends on your specific delivery, circumstances, etc.  Why it's so important to ask your doctor very specific questions, especially after delivery  That Sarah recommends doing kegels as soon as possible after delivery, even if you've had a c-section  Why she recommends seeing a pelvic floor specialist if you can  Debunking the myth that exercise will affect breast feeding/milk production  About some different ways breastfeeding can affect mom's weight  Foods that are beneficial to eat during pregnancy (fatty fish, healthy whole grains, lots of fruits and vegetables, prenatal vitamin) Debunking some of the biggest nutrition myths about what you can't eat while pregnant About Emily Oster and her recommendations for nutrition throughout pregnancy  That it's not really necessary to avoid eating runny eggs due to salmonella risk  The importance of avoiding any high mercury fish (shark, tuna in limited amounts, tilefish)  That you can eat raw fish-- when you know how it's being handled/stored, and trust that it's safe  Debunking the myth that you can't have any caffeine at all when you're pregnant  Why it's important to be cautious of herbal teas during pregnancy  About the safety of deli meats Debunking the myth that you're "eating for two"  Healthier ways to support extra needed calories  Benefits of eating 6 small meals throughout the day  About the importance of setting boundaries for your body    Connect with Sarah on Instagram  Download the Juna Moms App on Apple and Android 
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