59 minutes | Nov 14, 2019

11: Tips for Preventing Breast Cancer with Dr. Christian Gonzalez

Doctor Christian Gonzalez, better known as Doctor G., is a Naturopathic and Functional Medicine Doctor who specializes in Oncology, Environmental Medicine and helping breast cancer patients in particular. He has worked with thousands of patients teaching them the fundamentals to living a better life. Understanding nutrition is one of the pillars of health, Doctor. G is constantly preaching the importance of diet in healing and performance.

In today’s episode, we take a deep dive into his research and tips on breast cancer and breast cancer prevention. 

In this episode you’ll learn about:

  • How Dr. G got started in the medical field and more specifically into naturopathic medicine 
  • Why breast cancer is one of his main focuses and how increasingly common it is among women 
  • Why it’s important for women to take measures that can help prevent breast cancer 
  • How diet and physical activity play a role in the development of all cancers, including breast cancer 
  • Why a mix of vigorous aerobic and anaerobic activity and overall muscle to fat balance in the body are important to prevent breast cancer specifically 
  • How insulin sensitivity plays a role in cancer development 
  • Why it’s imprint to include different colored fruits, veggies and sources of fiber into your diet 
  • How alcohol consumption affects the hormones in your body and in heavy amounts has been linked to breast cancer 
  • The role green tea as medicine can play in the prevention of breast cancer 
  • Why it’s important to understand that our hormones are intimately tied with the driving of major cancers 
  • How estrogen is broken down in the body and how it’s metabolized can indicate problems 
  • Foods you can eat (like broccoli sprouts, mushrooms, artichokes, beets, citrus fruits etc.) to prevent breast cancer if it runs in your family 
  • Supplements like magnesium and epsom salt baths that can help your body better process estrogen 
  • Why a healthy gut and regular trips to the bathroom are crucial to breast cancer prevention 
  • How pesticides like glyphosate negatively affect gut microbiome 
  • The role that genes play in breast cancer 
  • Short term fasting and how spacing out meals can help lower inflammation in the body 
  • How blue light in your room at night affects your levels of melatonin, which is anti-cancer 
  • Why sleep quality in general is crucial to protecting yourself from developing cancer and overall health
  • How plastic use, perfumes, and dairy consumption affect hormones 
  • How to find the best doctor for you if have breast cancer 
  • How losing his mother to breast cancer has led Dr. G to help educate others on cancer prevention 
  • What aromatase blockers do and when they become necessary 
  • How stress plays a role in the prevention of cancer 

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